Friday, 2 December 2011 Offers in December 2011 and Calendars

For those of you wanting copies of indie RPGs from for Christmas, now is a good time to send those links to loved ones, with the following code:
20% off books - Enter code DECBOOKS11 - Save up to $25 - Offer ends 31st Dec 2011

Another special offer Lulu is offering is on photo books and calendars - the latter, being very appropriate for this time of year.
30% off photo books and calendars - Enter code DECPHOTOS30 - Save up to $100 - Offer ends 31st Dec 2011

Calendars?  Twelve pictures and some square grids which you can make in Publisher? Hmm.  So why use Lulu?

I was compelled to to investigate the self-publishing aspect of Calendars.

Monsters! Calendar (by me) on Lulu
Art therapy is fun, but why should your
shrink be the only one to see it? 
Share it with the world!
Making your own photo book or calendar can be really straightforward on

For fun, I had a go at making my own, using my "monster" art which goes down well at Christmas with family and friends. It's definitely worth working with large photos or hi-definition art since some of my own pieces came out a tiny bit pixelly in places, but it hasn't spoilt the finished product.

When you make a calendar for publication, you're also allowed to download a PDF version, which probably means that with a little work you can print the calendar at home. To be honest ,Lulu, as with other print-on-demand sites is really all about print quality and binding. My ink jet printers can be very limited and I struggle to even print double-sided, so to recieve a glossy finished product in the post was a real pleasure.

Naturally the prices are higher than calendars you'd by in shops, but it's a real buzz receiving a polished professional looking product with personalised content. You don't have to use their own border templates, and you can also add special dates to the calendar itself ("Zombiesmeg's Birthday", "DragonCon"). You don't have to "publish" your calendar to the site - it can be a private product, but if your content isn't too personal then it always fun to see if anyone will buy your masterpiece.

Some RPG-related Calendars for 2012 on Lulu:

Remember to look at the previews and use the code:  DECPHOTOS30 for 30% off.
Be wary of calendars for previous years - many folks keep their old stock still for sale on Lulu!

Happy countdown to the hideousness of Christmas! ;)


  1. Thanks for this info, there are some books I need to get from Lulu and I haven't gotten an announcement (e-mail) of these sales from Lulu yet.

  2. Thanks, Chris.

    I've just been sent a customer code:

    " Enter coupon code BUY2GETONEUK305 at checkout and receive a free book when you buy two. You need to have 3 books in your shopping cart for this coupon to work. The maximum savings for this offer is £25."

    I'm guessing the US code could be BUY2GETONE305 - might be worth a try!