Thursday, 15 December 2011

Paper models: Kev's Lounge Hovel, E-Z Overland, EL4 Barrow Tomb

There are many printable scenery packs out there, but when it comes to RPGs (as opposed to tabletop wargames) there's often a need to see the inside of the building as well.  Kev's Lounge Fantasy Scenics are selling this beautiful Humble Hovel over at the Papercraft Dungeon ( ).

Recently popular, is the Overland Adventures sets by Fat Dragon Games - with camps, felled logs and forest scenery these could be employed by tabletop wargamers and role-players alike.  Tents and camp fires are essential for encounters in the wild!

Okay, this is all an elaborate ruse for me to sneak in a mention of my Inked Adventures barrow plan with figures by David Wears. ;)

Cover and page thumbnails follow:


The Encounter Lairs 4: Barrow Tomb be purchased at a stupidly cheap price on DriveThru:

Thanks for reading.  Happy Shopping. :)

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