Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year - Savage Insider 3 (MTE)

Wishing You a Prosperous
& Happy New Year!
May 2012 bring you all your gaming and collecting needs! :)
(Remember, that in these times of austerity, Capitalism needs YOU!)

Savage Insider 3 (MTE)
$0.00 on DriveThru and RPGNow
So maybe one of your first New Year's Resolutions is spend less on RPGs, chocolate or Lego or whatever.

I forgive you.

Perhaps the credit card needs to heal.  I had a debit card that actually died from "fatigue" - it was physically worn out by all the swiping, no really.

So it's only right that one of the first downloads of the year should be a freebie.

Packed with goodness for players of the Savage Worlds RPG system: Savage Insider 3 - magazine from Mystical Throne Enterprises  for nil dollars.

If you can stretch to a whole dollar (a mere handful of shillings in other currencies ;) ) I have to recommend this modern, yet classic, drool worthy, set of geomorphs by Crooked Staff Productions on DTRPG -  The Little Book of Dungeons: Geomorphs

Currently reading:
(apart from slowly giving up on the middle of Gormenghast, and dipping into the AD&D2 Monstrous Manual - a Christmas acquisition...)
Although I'm not playing any Pathfinder or D&D3.5 at the moment I'm having a gentle peruse of a review copy of Random Encounters Remastered from Purple Duck Games.  It's filled with so many different environments ("Eerie Woods, Jungle River, Planar Stronghold, Restless Volcano, Treacherous Mire, and Underworld Battlefield") I'm wondering if one could run a whole campaign on random encounters alone! Nicely done.

Purple Duck have also just published More Random Encounters Remastered  ... which I'm guessing includes even more random encounters. ;)

Happy Em Em Ex Aye-Aye!


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