Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Lulu Xmas 2011 Offers

Whoa. Typing "Let it snow" into Google really works! :o

Almost forgot to mention...
Every day this month Lulu have been providing different offers in the run up to Christmas.

 Every day until Christmas there's a money off code at Lulu
- just don't look at the pictures for too long you will go mad (-er)
Seven Chimeric Swans Abathing!?
(They'll break your arm, they will)

This is on top of:
20% off books - Enter code DECBOOKS11 - Save up to $25 - Offer ends 12/31/11

Actually, I'll be honest, I'm not sure if this code works at the same time as the daily code - you might need to experiment a bit at check-out.

One new item on my Lulu "wish list" is  The Chaotic Caves. This is for all of my Basic/Expert D&D needs for which the Basic Fantasy RPG caters for perfectly.  I have to point out here that the Basic Fantasy community generally against charges or profit and insist that you "try before you buy" by downloading the PDF from the  Downloads Page at BasicFantasy.org -but I likes the shiny covers and smell of the pages...

Also, fresh off the print-on-demand press:

Fight On! Lucky #13 Fall 2011

This is Issue 13 of Ignatius Umlaut's "Fanzine for the Old School Renaissance", I haven't yet read a copy myself but apparently there's lots of Tunnels & Trolls material in this one.
Check out the Fight On! site for magazines so far: http://www.fightonmagazine.com/

Talking of "old school" RPGs on Lulu, are you still without a play-it-like-in-the-Gygax-days AD&D1e clone?  What, no, really?  Why not pick up a copy of  OSRIC.  That's "Old School Reference and Index Compilation" which is a tomic behemoth of 400 pages of tables, illustrations and beautifully written rules.  Believe me when I say it's a lot cheaper than printing out the free PDF- and hey they bind it too!  Actually, it's not a book.  It's so large it's furniture.

A fond purchase of mine from Lulu to date is Ruins & Ronin -adapted from the Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox Rules (softcover) on Lulu. There's quite a bit of talk of oriental conversions on the blogs and forums at the moment. I'd happily settle for Ruins & Ronin, perhaps throwing in an character honour point system (like in OA AD&D 1e).

219335_PrimaryOkay, enough of all this.  Get back to eating pine-cones stuffed with tinsel, are whatever it is that real people do at this time of year.  ;)

Thanks for reading, merry seasonalness. :)

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