Saturday, 1 October 2011

Savage Insider 2, Star Explorer (1982)

Savage Insider Issue 2 is now out.  Good quality content for players using the Savage worlds system, and it's free on DriveThruRPG!  And, boy, there's a lot of content!

I personally am drawn to some of the sci-fi guns (but then I like also to make ZAP-frazzle noises when I roll dice and crunch stats.)
"Savage Insider Issue 2:
How the Dice Roll
is all about what the community does with their gaming. The pillar article, Savage Worlds as an Educational Tool, takes a look how to turn role-playing games into a tool for homeschooling.

How the Dice Roll is a cross-genre issue with content covering fantasy, sci-fi, and horror along with supporting general interest articles.
Issue 2 includes the following:
-- 3 fleshed out adversaries -- 9 new weapons -- A Savage Insider exclusive add-on for Beasts & Barbarians -- Part 2 of the Crypt of the Crystal Lich fiction series --The first in the Echoes of Rome fiction series --Part 2 of the Deadlands comics series The Kid --A sci-fi adventure --And much more! -- "

The following product glimpse sort of continues on from my babbling in from this star trekky themed post...

Star Explorer has been re-released by Goblinoid Games, back from the dizzying past of 1982. I was excited when I first saw this because I enjoyed reading Starships & Spacemen (by the same author).   Reading through the description and checking out GG's forum, I'm surprised to see that "STAR EXPLORER is a role-play board game for as many as four players" which might explain why there isn't a print-on-demand copy to be purchased at this time.  Also intriguing is this: "It can even be played solitaire since competition is directed more against the universe as presented in the game than against the other players."  (from forum thread)  There's an old RPGNet review of the original game here
Fascinating ....  It's an RPG, Jim, but not quite as we know it.

If I learn anything more, I'll let you know. ;)


  1. I have a near mint copy of the original boxed Star Explorer game from FGU. It's quite good, but a bit fiddly. You can read more about the Star Explorer game on the The game's author has some neat posts on his games page on that site.

  2. FGU - of course! I was trying to work out who the original publishers were (must read the notes more closely ... include own links, d'oh!)

    A mint copy of anything in a box from this period is a truly precious thing to own *jealous*

    Thanks for the tip about BoardGameGeek - I'm guessing the "board" shown here is much larger than it first appears, once you realise the size of the box.

    I may have acquired a special review copy from Goblinoid Games since posting this. ;) I'll have to report back on how the original game with all of those accessories translates into PDFs. I guess the good news is that with an electronic copy you'll always have an endless supply of counters, and don't have to worry about drinks spillages on the board (because you can always print off a new one!) Hmm, I'd laminate, come to think of it.

    Thanks for commenting, Fenway. :)