Sunday, 2 October 2011

20% Off Code for selected products on DriveThruRPG

Strange spirits have been whispering secrets to me, once when the stars are right special magicks can be worked upon the world.  Utter the following arcane phrase to the right fallen priest at the DriveThruRPG before the great conjunction ends on the 10th November 2011 and thou shalt recieve a fifth off the price of certain products:

This coupon code will take a mighty 20% off for all of the following products  (some of which are already reduced).  It's worth a browse, since there may be something which you'd thought about picking up in the past but the deal just wasn't sweet enough ....
... and eventhe coupon has expired there's still some pretty interesting products here to put on your Christmas list. ;)

Horrific Universe: 12 Months of Horror [Bailey Records] (audio)

Be sure to check the code reduces the price in the check-out stage before purchasing! 
Compootas can sumtimez be stoopid.

Oh DriveThru, you are good and wise, we will cherish these near-gifts ... all hail the RPG PDF! is also offering an autumnal reduction

(if you can actually find the RPGs from the front page on there... but hey, searching is fun...)

20% off books - Enter code FALLBOOKS -
Save up to $25 - Offer ends 10/31/11

(31 Sept 2011)

Ta for browsing! -Bb. :)

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