Friday, 21 October 2011

Knights of Doom and Heroica Waldurk

Fighting Fantasy treats from Daddy Ebay.

I just wanted to share some totally random shopping news. For phenomenally cheaper prices than they seem to be worth, I have two recent ebay acquisitions: Fighting Fantasy Books "Knights of Doom" (1994, 1st print, Puffin, Book 56) and "Tower of Destruction" (1991, 3rd print). These are for my personal collection which is still surprising light when it comes to the 40s and 50+ numbers. I bought them at fairly average prices, well under a fiver each and yet I've battled for Knights of Doom in the past which has been known to get well above 20GBP in bid wars. So I'm very happy. What's interesting is that neither book had a photo and one was listed as buy-it-now only.  So there was a little faith required here.  And you know the really good news? ... There's not a single mark on either Adventure Sheet. If times get really hard you'll probably see these books again. ;) 

Those pesky Danes - Lego with Dice!

I've just this from a local shop.  It lies unopened, teasing me. :)  They didn't have Castle Fortaan - the larger of the Heroica game sets, so that may just have to be an Amazon buy, closer to Christmas.  But I also really want the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar.  Curse those Danes!  They come over here, steal all our gold!

Click on the Castle Fortaan box (the larger one) - it'll take you to a page with a little movie - reminiscent of Hero Quest and other fantasy board games.

Heroica Lego on Amazon UK:

Wait a second - the heroes have no arms! :o

Watch this space for adventure-Lego related discoveries ....

I'm hoping Heroica is going to be a bit more sophisticated than Lego "Shave a Sheep".

Shave A Sheep!
(The Welsh version was
banned from shops)


  1. An incredibly cheap place to pick up books is the UK online business - Awesome Books. Many of the Fighting Fantasy books are available starting from around $4 and it's free postage to most places in the world if you buy 2 or more books. I managed to cheaply buy all the recent FF gamebooks to complete my collection, as well as the 25th anniversary hardback of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

    I pretty much buy all my books from Awesome Books these days.

  2. The hardback of Warlock of Firetop mountain is a real must-buy. :)

    Free UK delivery - ace! Also there's a price-low-to-high option which is great when you're looking for a bargain. :)

    Thank you! I will enjoy browsing this site muchly.