Saturday, 15 October 2011

Escape Velocity Gaming

Malicious Moths
Inventively scary encounters
along a flappy theme.

I'd like to take the opportunity to spotlight a PDF gaming publisher that I'm friendly with - who occasionally throw some art commission my way for the odd percentage fee.  Escape Velocity Gaming mainly produce accessories for 4th Edition D&D at pocket-money prices (right the moment the prices are so reduced that products are all under $3 or are even free).  Much of their work can fit into any fantasy campaign.

"Escape Velocity Gaming is a company dedicated to creating fun products for 4E Dungeons & Dragons. The founding members of the group are William C. Pfaff and William H. Moran III. Numerous contributors, playtesters, and artists (including Mr. Pfaff's own mother!) have joined the fold."  -EVG

Their most recent release is Malicious Moths - a bizarre selection of "six fully-detailed, freshly-illustrated heroic level threats" - all of which are a little moth-like, but usually with a twist.  I enjoyed reading a sample copy of City Slices I: Marketplace Fun - especially useful for DM's needing to flesh out a town or city at short notice (my previous observations on this product)
City Slices I: Marketplace Fun

My review here

Baba Yaga might be a useful addition to a campaign for those players who are inclined towards the more sinister side of fairy tales.

Slavic villainy! 
A formidable foe and evil minions
designed for different levels of play.
Baba Yaga: Queen of the Wicked Fens

"Baba Yaga?!" I hear you say.
"But where would I get
a figure of her?" ...

Reaper Minis Baba Yaga on Amazon
Good old Reaper Minis. :)

Vexing Sands
In celebration of my own skills ;) I feel it's my duty to share this slideshow of the Vexing Sands product laid out in play demonstration. As the illustrator on that project I can assert, with confidence, that the set is compatible with the Inked Adventures products (hand illustrated dungeon sections).

If Flash is disabled view photos here.

Canine Companions
for Rangers Vol.1
Incredible Insects Vol.1

Torope: Hard-Shell Hero

Company website:

Store on RPGNow

Store on DriveThruRPG 

In summary, like many smaller publishers, EVG are able to produce digestible, affordable material, whilst having the freedom to explore strange corners and niches found only by whim or necessity.  The result is creative and practical products for one of the most popular systems going.
Thanks for reading. :)

EDIT / STOP PRESS 22.10.11

Free on DriveThru

Tentacled Terrors by William C. Pfaff

This is a free section of the soon to be released WCP Monstrous Garage with pick and choose monster stat blocks for 4ed D&D

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