Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kev's Lounge Fantasy Scenes Dungeon Hero's Hall

I'm stupendously late with this one, Kev of Kev's Lounge / Papercraft Dungeon had a sale on in January and wanted me to give my view on a couple of products, but the good news is that he always has some incredibly cheap products and special offers.  I was looking originally at Skeleton Skirmishers which is a PDF product, but apparently it's now "out of stock" - what?  Oops, limited offers... it's a brutal world!

Edit: The superb piratey skeletons can be found here: Skeleton Scallywags -for less than two gold doubloons ($1.99). Yarr!

The good news is that if you like high quality double-sided paper skeleton figures, the infernal undead are also available in the form of Blazin' Bones ($1.99USD).

There's plenty of printable dungeon scenery over at Papercraft Dungeon -some of which is actually free (we likes free!).

Hero's Hall is well worth the $5, especially considering the number of different textures (using layers) with a product limited only by your ink and perseverance with a craft knife.

I wouldn't be doing Kev any favours if I'd taken photos myself of this set -since this is definitely for intermediate papercrafters - and I can barely score a piece of card straight when it comes to 3D card scenery.  Fortunately, clear instructions are provided with a few tips and tricks which might help you with other brands of printable scenery.  If you're a klutz (like me) and often go "2D only", the flat tiles and counters alone -without inter-tile linkage -  justify the purchase of this product.  Incidentally, the linking appears both robust and economic.

The 3D doors and pillars are exquisite to behold, packed with details, and there's two types of statue -one being a simpler design for rapid dungeon building.

Products of this quality are serious challenge to publishers like Fat Dragon Games.  The Papercraft Dungeon store is still seriously independent - Kev's Lounge is presumably keeping costs low by selling directly to customers. rather than through a third-party site  (like Paizo or OBS who will take a sizeable percentage per product).

Edit 23.02.13 - Kev's Lounge now has a store page on DriveThruRPG and other OBS sites.

Browse the photos - if you're looking for a new dungeon on your gaming table Hero's Hall might be just for you.

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