Tuesday, 5 February 2013


WotC have released  
as well as Basic?  

Now you can relive 80s D&D in PDF form. ;) Or, continue playing it, because you never really stopped, apart from that time when AD&D seemed like a good idea because of the extra classes, but eventually you went back to Basic, because it was your first love which you’ll never really get over but you still daren’t admit this, even in the geekiest of company … but you can now look up rules and ogle superb b/w lineart on your laptop/tablet/phone/*insert-random-almost-useful-portable-digital-device*

Edit: The PDF also contains the Gateway to Adventure Catalogue c1980 - basically an illustrated list of some of TSR's D&D accessories and boardgames - a fascinating glimpse into how these games were described at the time.


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