Friday, 22 February 2013

Dagger: Supplemental Rules for Classic Role-playing with Kids (BraveHalfling)

Tonight I'll be mostly reading ...

Dagger: Supplemental Rules for Classic Role-playing with Kids

I haven't digested enough to be sure, but what I'm reading ticks all of the boxes for my love of succinct pocket sized RPG systems, whilst still being very D&D. The fact that we're letting the kids play is secondary to me. ;)

"DAGGER is a simple, fast and fantastic tool for classic, old-school role-play gaming with Kids!"

Almost any of the older flavours of D&D (and retro-clones) can be adapted to these rules - or even just bring what you can remember from the D&D rules and use this as your only reference book at the table. DMing can be done on the fly - anything not covered in the rules can be solved with a d6 roll vs 1-6 Difficulty. Children-friendly names are given to the classes like "Knight" and "Wizard" for Fighters and Magic-Users, respectively. Naturally these names are good for all novices familiar with fairy tales.

As I look at this I'm thinking of thrusting the game upon unsuspecting adults who would never dream of playing D&D ... and so one day, when the Trivial Pursuit goes missing, I'll be there with a pack of poly dice and this print-out.
"Yeah, Granny, your dwarf kills the orc with his axe, the warm arterial spray feeds your bloodlust, it's smell summoning the memory of taking the blood-mead oath by the tombs of your fore-fathers..." Hmm, maybe I shouldn't play D&D with kids (or grannies).

Dagger: Supplemental Rules for Classic Role-playing with Kids
$1 on DTRPG

A free no-frills version can be downloaded here.

Succinct, fun and back to roleplaying basics. :)


  1. Never underestimate the bloodlust of grannies!

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