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I've yet to type up my notes about the thrilling fast-play RPG Tales of the Space Princess. The inspirational sources for this "dungeon crawl in space" (paraphrasing) seem to rest everywhere between pulp sci-fi fiction right through to Star Wars (where the metaphorical "dungeon" is the Death Star, and the space princess is, well, a space princess).

The simple, flexible, rules can pretty much cover all traditional sci-fi settings - John Carter of Mars, for example (from over at The Land of Nod where to the author resides in his custom built atomic capsule).

Some monsters and game mechanics have been cleverly smuggled across from the D&D WotC d20 SRD and camouflaged to fit in with space suited heroes, evil scientists, alien sidekicks, robots, super-science and deadly technological traps - so it's all pure pulp sci-fi adventure with familiar twists. 

I've having some fun tonight, randomly browsing the web for videos and images which give me that feel of 30s through to 60s sci-fi.  I will now forcibly share some of this with you.

Looking away from thescreen will lead instantly to carbon vaporisation.

Flash Gordon!

"So, Buck, how was that Magnetic Ray?" - very early Buck Rogers film piece (all very odd, but the designs are very faithful to the comic strip)

From my old LJ blog (entry)
See also my scans of Dan Dare
Naturally there's lots of retro sci-fi goodness on web. Go run some key words through those image search engines, like "retro" and "rocketship". 

Enjoy this Google Ray Gun image search.

More organised thoughts on 'Space Princess soon. :)

Ming the Merciless:
"Put them in the DUST CHAMBER!"

If links to Tales of the Space Princess on are running slow try here.

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