Monday, 28 May 2012

Lord of the Rings LEGO

EDIT: Since composing this post Forbidden Planet seem to be hiding the LotR Lego WTF!  Sheesh.  I will still share - even if some of the links are null and void.  Shopping FAIL!

My good friend Mortis drew my attention to this, Forbidden Planet (uk) are now selling and taking pre-orders on a selection of Lord of The Rings LEGO sets. 

You'll find some of these sets on Amazon too (although I was struggling to locate them today on the UK site), so some of the links here are to Amazon proper / US.

I'm trying to break my addiction to Star Wars Lego, so I'm a little torn by all of this.  I mean it's all just so perfect for D&D type games!  

Attack on Weathertop
at Forbidden Planet

Lord of the Rings: The Mines of Moria Forbidden Planet

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No doubt that if you're in the UK, by the time you read this, Amazon UK will have updated their lists - one of the best places to look will be here: Lego Store on UK Amazon Films and Tie-ins (also good for Star Wars Lego).

Curse those Danes!  Taking our money...!  It's the Viking invasion all over again!
They will conquer us all ... one brick at a time ...

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