Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Age of Shadows Campaign Map 1 : The Northern Kingdom (CSP)

On DriveThruRPG from CSP:
Todays random PDF purchase...  :)

The Age of Shadows Campaign Map 1 : The Northern Kingdom - Crooked Staff Publishing

I'm really enjoying browsing around this large map -especially from the perspective of it's use as a "fits-all" map - the version, that is, without labels.

This map looks as good as (if not better than) some of the colour Middle Earth maps from Iron Crown Enterprises. CSP have developed a style that is both computer-crisp whilst remaining respectful hand drawn styles in vintage maps.

The Age of Shadows RPG is a free-to-download rules-set drawing heavily upon RuneQuest with it's own special fast play tweaks and quirks. I have a nice Lulu print copy. I haven't looked into the actual campaign setting as yet, but there is no text included with this map to prejudice against your chosen rules system.

Very good value, considering it's usefulness, even in part, for encounters in the wilderness or for larger campaign building.


Printable A2 in size - 300DPI - PDF and jpgs, labelled and unlabelled.

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