Friday, 31 May 2013

Inked Adventures Competition Freebies etc and Deadly Missions

I've been a bit too absorbed with my Inked Adventures projects to pay proper attention to the greater outside world of gaming or their markets.  Despite buying tickets in advance I even forewent visiting the UKGamesExpo - because real gamers and games-shoppers go to Cons.  But that's precisely why I didn't go - I can't afford to buy all of the systems and accessories I'd possibly see there.  Powerless to resist, I am, the love of the shiny boxes, figures, scenery and hardbacks. Maybe in another year, when the coffers are fatter.  However, it sounds like things went well without me. ;)

Currently browsing the PDF for Mongoose's Traveller's Core Rules - bought through a bestsellers promotion this week.  I'll be honest, compared to all of the little black books of old it's nice to read the basics about the Imperium and alien races all together in one place.

Anyhow - cross-posting time (mainly Inked Adventures)

I attempt to get the Inked Adventures sites blacklisted by anti-spam software I posted the following under the title "Win Buy Download Free ;)"

Frugal DM Competition - Win Inked Adventures Products

Frugal DM are running a cool competition where you can win Inked Adventures products (or DTRPG gift-card equivalent)  when you submit a winning photo of Inked Adventures tiles or sections being used in-game.

Full details here:

Grey Matter Games release Deadly Missions Fantasy Dungeon

Grey Matter Games have put together a smooth bundle which combines printable figures, special combat rules and our square tiles pack.  All of the items can also be bought separately.  The bundle is in fact a complete stand-alone dungeon crawling battle game. If you like to try out new systems with great looking accessories be sure to check this out. (Also ideal as a gift)

Free Sample Tiles

Download six 10"sq tiles taken from the new large geomorph pack for free!

On DriveThruRPG:
Full product  (124 printable tiles
with counters, doors and  jpgs)

Free 10in hand drawn tiles on DriveThruRPG

Dungeon Map

To illustrate the versatility of just the 6 free tiles I've composited a low-res large dungeon map which you are free to download and use in your campaigns as a guide or player's handout. (Please note that only printable tiles in a PDF are included in the free sample pack - jpgs for every tile map editing are provided in the full product)
samplepack_examplemapmerge freetilesmap_IA_Bb2013 freetilesmap-bw_IA_Bb2013

Right-click on the fully opened images to save to your computer, or "save target as..." from the thumbnails.

Edit:  Kev's Lounge - Council Chamber.

I forget to say... whilst on the subject of papercraft floorplans and scenery I've been meaning to draw your attention to A Luxious Lair: Council Chamber from Kev's Lounge:

Also available to download
from their store on RPGNow.

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