Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy Free RPG Day 2013

Happy Free RPG Day! 
 I've clearly not been following the gaming news recently because today is FreeRPG Day.
My local shops aren't even sure what an RPG is so I doubt it's happening around here. But enough of my speculative cynicism regarding UK bricks'n'mortar stores.

 Check out the download lists to see if anything really special has popped into the free listings on DriveThruRPG   (link valid all year around)

Free RPG Day home site:


  1. Happy Free RPG Day to you too!
    Great idea listing all the wonderful freebies you've already made available. Sadly, it didn't look like either DriveThru RPG & RPGNow promoted - no mention of the event on either site that I could find. Of course, they may need to tie in with the organization that runs it.
    I hope to put your sets to good use before month's end, running a fun little game for my little boys. I love their hand-drawn, sometimes almost whimsical nature, especially paired with Imperfect People. I'm almost convinced to go completely paperful, between you, Fat Dragon, Dave Graffam, and the Cardboard Warriors forum ;D


    EDIT: Whoops - missed the email DriveThru RPG sent out around noon-time here, because I was already visiting my FLGSs! Good for them! Great for all of us :D

    1. You have discerning tastes! :) I'm really fond of Okumart's figures too, but if you already have a stack of plastic and metal figures, or even lego minifigures its hard to resist using them.
      Good luck with the game. Thanks for commenting - made my day!