Friday, 9 November 2012

National Game Design Month and Movember

I clearly don't read enough posts closely.  Whenever I see the phrase "imitative" or "project" in relation to game design I usually assume that it's just another kickstarter (probably with zombies in) and move on, but National Game Design Month is more about the creative art of game writing.  And boy, if ever there was an industry where every other participant was also a creator-writer, it's the RPG tabletop games community! Cthulhu bless us all. We are masters of our entertainment!  We can create and destroy our own worlds, forge new dice systems, create card decks and so forth.

I like the idea of that "friendly nudge" to help finish those dream projects. 

It's also Movember.  So feel free to grow a moustache to raise awareness of men's health and prostate cancer.  (My partner has forbidden me from growing a moustache)

Design a game or grow a moustache?   You decide.
Doing both might be perilous. 

I plan to take naps in most of my free time in November.  We all do our little bit. ;)


  1. Although I am of the male persuasion, and well into my thirties, I still seem to be constitutionally incapable of growing a moustache. with little other options, I have decided to join in with NaGa DeMon. It kicks ass, and having a deadline is actually a big help. usually when i write anything I get stuck on continual re-writes and nothing ever gets finished. This time though, I'm almost done on my Steampunk card game, and will hopefully be opening it up for play testing early next week.

    With the incentive, it would almost certainly never see the light of day.

    1. It's good to have these options - I find that rubbing a toothbrush under my nose is usually enough to remind me what moustaches are like!
      Steampunk card game? *Very Intrigued*
      - Keeping me posted with any announcements I can share about. :)
      Publish and be damned! As they say. :)