Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Friday Cyber Thanksgiving and all that

Black Friday?  That's something to do with commemorating stock market crashes, right?  Is it to do with that fellow in dark make-up that hangs around with Sinterclaus?   Not be confused with Ash Wednesday - when we all have to take up smoking.

I live on an island where these absurdities occur later ... around Boxing Day or New Year's or on Bank Holidays (imagine people in suits with calculators and party hats).  Naturally, I forget that Thanksgiving for the Americans is almost like Christmas for us, except that they need Christmas as well. But no-one talks about Christmas because its really "Happy Holidays" for everyone - but maybe that's because no-one can spell Hannuka (sp?).  Of course, I'm happy to let them have their Tea Parties and fireworks in July (many fireworks keep going off here at the moment because of Diwalli the Festival of Light in the middle of Winter - although it's just as likely that these chinese explosives are cheap after Bonfire Night).  In the UK we have pumpkins and turkeys now.  Turkey replaced the goose at  Christmas - a long tradition of eating "big birds" continues (cue Sesame St and Romney gag). Geese are greasy to eat apparently, goose fat is used by swimmers crossing the English Channel, but we have the Channel Tunnel now.  I'm a vegetarian so I eat strange stuff like Quorn meat substitutes - when in fact I want to be a Viking Henry VIII tearing away at a massive drumstick or leg of beast.  I have yet to find a tofu equivalent. Mother always disapproved of my historical re-enactment table manners.

I'm not sure what I was going to say apart from giving thanks for mazes and Quorn. Okay, the Quorn is just me, but mazes, dungeons and monster filled tunnels need to be celebrated.  Remember that gaming and shopping is not just for Christmas/Thanksgiving/Diwalli/Eid/Holidays - it's for the whole year!  And remember that where religion has failed that Capitalism still provides!

Paizo Black Friday Sale

Drunken Goblin Sales on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG
OBS related:
Noble Knight Games are running some tiny reductions for Autumn, hmm, not exactly sales-crazy though.

It might take a while to find the RPGs in this lot, but hey, watches, kettles and random books are also fun: Sale deals on Amazon co uk today-Black Friday at Amazon US

Take a look at your favourite brand's home sites - because they're all suckers for sales at this time of year. ;)

Forget the relatives and loved ones, treat yourself. :D

How many days left 'til Easter...?

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