Sunday, 6 November 2011

Jeff Dee redraws Deities & Demigods art

I'm not sure what to make of this.  It's of that strange post-modern reference-dizzying cyclical ilk of which the members of Old School Renaissance might champion - which is exactly what I'm doing now, by celebrating the old line art art Jeff Dee, whilst encouraging modern redraws of the same art.  It's new!  It's old!  It's old-new!

I like the work of Jeff Dee from the early D&D rulebooks and to see him reworking old art, whilst retaining some of the original style, is very compelling.  I mean, this is an aesthetic niche within a niche.  The bit that's confusing me is the money pledges, but hey, signed prints from celebrity artists go for a lot more on Ebay and Etsy than for what Mr Dee is asking, so that's fine, I guess (at the lower end of the pledges).

Kickstarter widget:
... will take you to an explanatory video which also tells us that early TSR art may have ended up in a dumpster! :o

A "before and after" sample on Deviant Art;

Then and Now by ~JeffDee on deviantART

(Sourced in part from RPG Table Top Game Systems on Facebook )

I'm half "yay!" and half "curiouser and curiouser", if you know what I mean.
Watch that space.

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