Saturday, 12 November 2011

Choose Your Own Adventure Books on Kindle

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This was a new one on me, there's a few solo gamebooks (or "interactive fiction") out on iPhone and for various e-readers, but I hadn't realised how many classic Choose Your Own Adventure titles were available for the Kindle. And by "classic" I really mean "classic" - as in 30 years old and still looking good!

If you like system-less gamebooks and you're finding that Kindle copy of Dan Brown's latest The-Something-Puzzle-ooh-clever-twist-but-nothing-new-Conspiracy novel a bit of a chore to read on the train, why not spice up your commute with a Choose Your Own Adventure book?

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vv  CYOA Kindle texts on Amazon US  vv

You've got to love those titles!

If you like the idea of interactive fiction on your Kindle, but prefer your fantasy games to have a meaty dice system (Fighting Fantasy - proper solo game-books!), you would be a fool not to have a look at these:
(on Amazon US)

Well that was fun. :)

May your path be the correct one!

Yours, Billiam B.
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