Saturday, 26 November 2011

Belated Happy ThankyousGivemas & Black Friday Deals

Black Friday: when it gets just that little bit darker before the weekend ...
I seem to have been living under a rock for, well, since forever, so I hadn't really heard of "Black Friday" - and even then I assumed that we were all commemorating a stock market crash or something.  In my various jobs in the past I have noticed a pre-weekend slacker attitude which can cause typing mistakes on a Friday, which may or may not lead to global financial meltdown.

I haven't had my translation goggles set to "American" so anything relating to Thanksgiving seems to come through as Klingon-Ewok gibberish.  It seems that Black Friday is a bit like our own hideous bun-fight Boxing Day sales.* 

I find the customs of the Lost Colonies just fascinating.  ;)
[ * -Either that, or my mother is a verengan Ha'DIbaHand I'm a P'Tok for not defending my family honour.]
By way of absurd comparison, the fact that we in the UK mainly only have fireworks on Guy Fawkes Night (New Year's excepting)  will seem a little strange to outsiders.

Oh dear. I've just realised that July 4th and November 5th could be seen as celebrations of political polar opposites.  The former is the independence of a nation from The Crown and the latter being the successful prevention of a plot to overthrow, and loyalty to, the same said crown.  So, perhaps in the UK we use fireworks to celebrate the execution of treason-doers and successful suppression by the state (of Catholic folk, anyhow ... oh, god, please don't mention Ireland, or this really will look like I was trying to be political and not just silly or trite -gulp-).  

In my hometown fireworks go off all of the time from October through to January.  People in-the-know point to the Diwali, the Festival of Light and Eid; also there's return of students to university, the occasional autumnal wedding, but normally it's just the local psychotic kids, who are armed.  Not with guns, but the next best thing, GUNPOWDER.  It's a plot I tell ye!   Occupy Parliament!
 (Hums God Save the Queen in quiet self-reassurance)

Anyhow, I think I supposed to be talking about cheap turkeys stuffed with maize and pumpkin or something.

Happy bargain Black Friday money-saving greetings to you all!
(and good luck to Christmas shoppers as well ...)

Paizo Black Friday Bundles

Assorted RPG games publisher and product line reductions on DriveThru - Gifts for under £10

Black Friday Sales

Lulu 20% off books - Enter code NOVBOOKS11 - Save up to $25 - Offer ends 11/30/11

RPGNow Sale Items

Black Friday at RPGObjects

Sale at Warehouse 23

Nevermeet Press - Black Friday (check out the size of that Turkey!)

Kidrobot Holidays Deals

Sales at Deviant Art
237641_300x250 Star Trek 15% off
... because you can never have
too much Star Trek gear...
Quick Jim, that man isn't
spending enough, shoot him!
(or throw quality mugs
and t-shirts at him)
Spend long and
makes us prosper...
Google Ebooks Holiday Deals: $10 or Less

501249_Cyber Monday Chess Sale with Coupon501249_Black Friday Chess Sale Banner with Coupon

Cyber Monday?!  What the frak!?

A couple of links have been borrowed from Roleplayers Chronicle who, incidentally are looking for writers who might be interested in RPG games industry perks.

(This is how I stave off my
existential angst. No, really.)

On a random almost-related note, this week I quickly dashed together a Calendar on Lulu to give as a present to friends and family - however I'm not so sure that it'll even get past the quality control robots at Lulu, but here's the link anyhow: Monsters! Calendar 2012

Thanks for reading this far. 
May your Gods aid you during your foretold credo-assigned apocalyptic civilisational endpoint.

For the love of money,
spend now before it all becomes worthless!

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