Saturday, 16 July 2011


In the corner of the room are some sacks filled with rotting meat and electrum coins.  

Mm meat...

Okay, being random tonight.  Trying to finish laying out Encounter Lairs 2 "Templar Chapel" - but it may have to wait one more day.

Cleaner Wanted
I've just been looking at the exquisite Jeff Easley Art site.  No more evidence is required that he is still a god amongst men.  (Buy the prints on Ebay!)

I keep meaning to do a short profile here on the Escape Velocity Gaming company ( products of DriveThru ) but now is not the right moment.

Fun reads:
- I'm dipping in and out of Ruins & Ronin (Lulu softcover) -plus the essential Ninja class!  I'm also still utterly charmed by the 2d6 simplicity and revisionist originality of Epées & Sorcelerie (Lulu)

Random, but inspirational, print-out I'm carrying around for coffee break reading:  
Pages from the "Round Robin" Q+A of Savage World licensee/publishers (Savage Insider Issue 1)  in which both large and small publishers are asked about methods, their products, work ethics and gaming preferences.  I say it's inspirational because it's really refreshing to see how both the little guys and big corps survive alongside each other in the online publishing industry, despite anxieties and run-away-enthusiasms. :)

Recently made an apron design on CafePress.  I know, I know. Like CafePress needs more designs.

Bought some more Fighting Fantasy game books from a charity shop today.  It's a disease, y'know.

There was something else ... something crawling across my mind's eye, a niggling sensation, uncomfortable, slightly displaced. 

Time for bed, perhaps.

...rotting meat...


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