Friday, 8 July 2011

ENnies Nominees 2011 and Weapons of War on Google eBooks

I still don't know what "ENnies" is derived from or stands for ("Entertainment" play on "Emmies"?).  I think I read it somewhere, my mind got wiped (help me out here anyone).  Anyhow, quite a few RPG communities get extremely excited about these awards, which sort makes them prestigious, I guess. :)
This year's nominees have been posted up at the ENnies home blog

For gamers who like their RPGs in PDF form DriveThru has posted up a selection of the nominated products which can be bought through their site.

I must admit, after a cursory glance nothing is jumping out at me as an industry-changing product.  However, there's a few items I don't recognise that might just be that - and my fatal flaw is that my attention is always caught by the old (or imitators of the old) rather than the new, so perhaps I'm an enemy of genuine gaming innovation. ;)

me no like change 
me like stuff to smell same
me also like cheap

I had some fun the other night having a browse about on Google's new eBook service.  In the free downloads there's quite a few gems, mainly of the 19th century variety.  I highly recommend the following book because it's packed with black and white illustrations of helmets, shields, swords and so forth.  No doubt there's a few anachronisms and errors since there's quite a few new discoveries and theories on warfare proposed since 1870, but it's certainly worth a browse! 
Tip: skip the first hundred pages or so (no pictures ;) )

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  1. From the website "EN World", EN was/is Eric Noah.

    A lot of those games are great. I can't say enough good about Dresden Files.

  2. Excellent. *scribbles down "E N = ..."*
    I must sound like a right "noob" :D
    Thanks, Tim!