Saturday, 19 March 2011

My RPG-centric Amazon aStore

Tonight's experiment in the ongoing quest to merge a love of role-playing games and online shopping was the setting up of an Amazon astore (aStore, Astore, iPod ... no wait...)

Screen shot of aStore - click to visit

An aStore is a sort of affiliate or associate portal shop front which points to specific products on Amazon - in this case a rather random selection of games. It's set up to work with UK Amazon, which can be a little sparse when it comes to RPGs (once you get away from D&D, and want to avoid all of the secondhand sellers).   I may somehow adapt it or set up an Amazon US aStore later.

Again, much like this blog, this in mainly an exercise in creating pages filled with pretty pictures of lovely desirables (by which I mean pen n paper RPG games with accessories and lots of gamebooks...)  Pretty, lovely pictures ...

EDIT 11.12
This store has been deleted in preference for the store pages on this blog (use links in the horizontal menu bar) or:

I'm fighting the urge to add a "Star Wars Lego" page.  Surely all role-players use Star Wars Lego in their games?
EDIT: I gave in.

I'll be adding more links to products as I go along. :)

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