Sunday, 13 March 2011

I love Gary Chalk and Lone Wolf

This is meant to be just a quick post to say that I'm adding some Lone Wolf books to my Ebay page.  The books I'm still hoarding in my personal collection are ones with the covers illustrated by Gary Chalk, but occassionally a duplicate slips through, like this one ...

Okay it's just an excuse to post a pretty picture, and why not? :)

Demian Katz does a nice job of listing many of the Lone Wolf covers on his exhaustive Gamebook Page.  I still prefer the much older Chalk covers.  One side effect is that if you fall in love with Chalk's work you'll spend the rest of your life looking for ancient White Dwarfs, Citadel Miniatures publications, 1st edition sets of Talisman and generally get sucked in an 80's vortex of luscious line art.  You'll die penniless and hungry but your eyes will have feasted richly.

In the meantime, you might just want to buy some old gamebooks - with a variety of different cover artists.
(My Ebay page mainly contains gamebooks at the time of this posting).

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