Friday, 15 March 2013

Okumarts Classic Hobgoblins and Goblins

Darkfast: Goblins and Hobgoblins
Paper Minis on DTRPG
Darkfast Classic Fantasy Set Three: Goblins and Hobgoblins

I've just picked up these paper minis for $2.50 (-USD that's £1.66 in real GB money).  When I finally run that low level old-school campaign, these goblins and hobgoblins will be an essential adversary.

Like with other Okumarts products - the zip file contains a layered PDF with double-sided trim-to-measure figures and comprehensive document use and assembly instructions

The layers provide access to six different colours of 6 unique hobgoblin and seven goblin designs, with a bonus figure layer of 10 bonus humanoid figures. 

I haven't printed mine as yet, but Okumarts provide plenty of photos of the figures in use on their Tumblr page (

The hobgoblins will please DMs who want to represent their Hobgoblins as portrayed in the earliest AD&D Monster Manual and illustrations from the B modules.  Those orange skinned beefy meanies had an aspect of oriental ronin-samurais or Mongolian Huns.  The goblins, however, are both retro-simple -they are naughty cowl-clad serfs- and yet modern, like those depicted Pathfinder rules.  The latter are a fun, animated bunch of hoodlums (perhaps how the goblins in The Hobbit should have been).

Hunnish hobgoblins and ...

...naughty little, hoody-wearing, vicious goblins!

In summary: stylish, slick art, well-presented, resourceful, cheeky, good value.


  1. I picked these up yesterday in addition to your modular dungeon tiles. Love the art on both and they should work well together.

    1. Thanks for buying the modular tiles. Indeed, a perfect combination! :)

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