Thursday, 28 March 2013

Merry Tabletop Gaming Day on March 30th!

Felicia Day wants to know what you're doing for #TableTopDay. ... watch our livestream on March 30th, 2013:

Go to find events near you, sign up, and stay tuned for awesome news and downloads.

Share using #TableTopDay.

DriveThru is also celebrating Tabletop Gaming Day in their own download-some-goodies-for-pennies way. There's a few special offers on a variety of cool games and you simply must look at the free bundle.

I don't have a game planned, but I'm torn between assembling Star Wars Lego Battle of Hoth, trying to invent a game which uses hand drawn geomorphs, perhaps a sneaky solo game of Warhammer Quest or maybe finally pressing out the Pathfinder card figures and having a play about with the Pathfinder Beginner Set ... which can be tabletoppy and board-gamey in a solitaire way. (Why didn't ever buy a copy of Chainsaw Warrior?)

Damn, I need a regular local gaming group!

Many Happy Tabletops!

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