Thursday, 10 January 2013

QUERP Compendium and Blueholme Prentice Rules

I still seem to have my "random head" on, so some well thought-out observations on floor plans in my in-tray will have to wait. 

Browsing social networks today has brought my attention to a couple of products which may or may not be on your personal radar, but both appeal to me from the fast-play aspect (and introductory) of roleplaying games.

QUERP Compendium
by Shane Garvey and Jamie Wallis (Greywood Publishing)

I’m very tempted by this Quick Easy Role-Play 4-books-in-one-volume publication- I think I have only the main rules and maybe a bestiary already.
“The QUERP Core Rule Book, The Player’s Companion, The Gamesmaster’s Companion and the Bestiary. … Each of these books have been weaved together and given added content to this the decisive QUERP Rule Book.”
It’s a 6-sided dice system -with perhaps a nod towards easy-play gamebook style mechanics, like Fighting Fantasy - a perfect introductory roleplaying game.

Downloadable PDF DriveThruRPG
$9.99USD 7,64Euros £6.23GBP

Although I'm currently struggling to find the QUERP Compendium in a printed book format - the previous on Lulu can be found in this list.

Blueholme Prentice Rules
-compiled by Michael Thomas / Dreamscape Design

If you like your D&D along the lines of the blue D&D Holme’s edition then you might like this free old-school D&D retro-clone (Three levels, Parry rules, d6 damage for all weapons etc.). Or you might insist that your friends read this PDF since you would be a fool to actually lend out your precious blue rulebook. ;)  This is an easy to play, simulacrum of a hotly debated D&D transitional system.

I'm still flipping through my copy. Impressive. A worthy addition to the collection - looks pretty loyal to the J Eric Holmes ruleset.

Edit: The rules say that players wishing to go beyond 3rd level are recommended to seek out "Blueholme Compleat Rules" which covers PC levels up to 14th, presumably yet to be published. I must investigate further.

DriveThruRPG PDF $0


  1. The Compleat Rules are indeed still in the works. However, a free introductory adventure, the Maze of Nuromen, will be available shortly to give people a feel for what play was like in the days of the Blue Book. The Prentice Rules are intended to be as faithful to the original as possible under the OGL, and the Compleat Rules endeavour to do the same while expanding play beyond the original Basic Set.

    Thanks for the mention! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. Feel free to add any extra links here at any point and I'll put them together into a new post.
      I am both intrigued and excited!

  2. And here it is, ready for those 1st level Blueholme Prentice characters: