Saturday, 19 January 2013

Paizo 10% off in February

10% product discount in February 2013 at Paizo web store in way of thanks for their successful kickstarter.

“To celebrate the success of the Kickstarter—and to thank you for putting up with all that messaging!—we’re giving everyone a special discount code for use in the store during the month of February. Just enter the code 
during checkout between February 1 and February 28, and receive 10% off of one entire order! This is an untyped bonus, so it stacks with other discounts; if you’re a Pathfinder Adventure Path subscriber, you’ll receive your Pathfinder Advantage discount as well. This discount code does not work on subscriptions, backorders, preorders, gift certificates, pledge drives, books from Completist Publications, or non-Paizo electronic products, but there are tens of thousands of fantastic gaming products it does work on!”

-Email from Lisa Stevens, CEO, Paizo.

This is cool.
Just for a short moment I'll stop slamming kickstarters. ;)

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