Thursday, 19 July 2012

Warriors of Tauria (Grey Matter Games)

A quick plug for a friend, but also I really like his art -especially since he helped me out on EL4 Barrow Tomb. ;)

Era of War: Warriors of Tauria
-Minotaurs with attitude!
by Grey Matter Games
$2.50 on DTRPG/RPGNow/WVault
Era of War: Warriors of Tauria (downloadable PDF).  These figures are intended for tabletop wargaming (GMG's Era of War) but I reckon that they'd also be ideal in a dungeon in an RPG.  How often do you get to see variety amongst minotaur folk (8 different figures)?

Designed for 28-30mm scale, they come with a codex for Eras of War, bases and instructions.  Feasibility civilised and yet still brutish, bullish even,  the minotaurs are lovingly hand drawn and hand coloured by David Wears of GMG, who is a rising star on the paper minis stage. He's also quite a nice guy to boot. ;)

Pet Drake - Free 2.5D dragon-wyvern
drake creature. Free from GMG.
Also today saw the release of a nice little free "2.5D" product from Grey Matter Games:  Era of War Pet Drake.

One of David Wear's Warmancers riding the
Pet Drake (from the artist's Facebook page)

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