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RQ6, Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Tumblr photos

Okay, I'm seriously behind on everything, especially anything which requires more than a status update banality - RITING MAEKS BRANE HERT.  The good news is that I'm a bit nearer to finishing a product for Inked Adventures (god, I'm broke, I hope I sell a few...)

PDF Download $25 on DTRPG/RPGNow
Very quickly - a piece of  product news and some random photos (Tumblr is rewiring my synapses to the point that I only think in terms of snapshots - apologies for post-repeats)

Behold!  The latest official version of RuneQuest!  Just been looking at the PDF - very comprehensive and complete.  The printed version won’t be out until the end of the month but the PDF is on sale at DTRPG / RPGNow  - Also it’s worth browsing older $1 products in the Design Mechanism store.

EDIT 7.7.12
My gushing praise on DriveThru for this game:
This review might be a little premature, because I'm still at that excited-post-download phase when I'm feverishly clicking through the 458 pages.

I'll say again ...
Four-hundred-and-fifty-eight pages of RuneQuest goodness.

This definitely has the look and feel of an older RQ or BRP title. The mechanics and the writing style is very accessible, with the occasional black and white ink drawing.

The rules, setting and atmosphere (with a bent towards ancient, mystical, classical) is generic enough to adapt to different campaigns, whilst providing enough detail for interesting springboard points especially regarding character (and monster) backgrounds, magic, skills, "passions" cults -not to mention the gritty effects of chaos. As well as the dice mechanics, there's plenty of tips and guidelines and optional rules.

I'm also happy to say that it appears to be an "everything-you-need-to-play" publication. (I hate buying supposed "core" books only to find that there's no monster list or many references to "essential" accessories.)

As I type it's still $25 which is a good price for a volume of this size. I'm looking forward to seeing a hard copy -surely it will be a thick tome - so the PDF on a tablet will certainly be more portable for fast rule checking at the table.

Nice work, Design Mechanism! This is a respectable descendent of a noble line.

There's a type of mission statement in the introduction...

In designing RuneQuest Sixth edition we had several aims foremost in our minds:
  • To recapture the spirit and feel of the earlier editions of RuneQuest.
  • Provide a comprehensive fantasy roleplaying game that capitalises on RuneQuest’s strengths.
  • Streamline the system, but also introduce new mechanics and systems that reflect what is happening in 21st Century roleplaying games.
  • Bring RuneQuest to a new audience, and continue to care for its old fans.

Since I'm most familiar with pre-box RQ1 (an "earlier edition"), at first glance I'd say they've pretty much achieved what they've set out to do.  I must see if I can find all of these "new mechanics" ...
*suspicious* ;)

(EDIT ends)

Of course if you’re on a budget, Mongoose’s popular open source Legend RPG is going for pennies 

Design Mechanism RuneQuest main page:

Random RPG shopping purchase news:

At last, I have my very own Pathfinder rules!  (Courtesy of a wise and loving partner.  Ace.)  Until now I've only had the old Beta rules PDF which was impossible to print economically due to those luscious backgrounds.  It's definitely worth owning in book form.

I'm a little concerned about how it bangs on about "all you need to play" (words to that effect) when The Bestiary is still compulsory for a starting DM (unless of course you're happy just using your D&D3.5 Monster Manuals)  ...

It is a truly gorgeous tome.

A little word of warning though.  We bought through Amazon and it's taken over 4 weeks to deliver to the UK.  Is this a conspiracy to make us order directly from Paizo?

Photos of something close to my heart ...

As I implied earlier, I'm playing about on Tumblr a little at the moment:

Sample check-em-out links...

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  1. Are you the evil genius behind fuckyeahbritisholdsschoolgaming? It's been getting plenty of re-tumbles that I've seen recently.

    1. Actually no, heh. I wish! I think he has a normal blog somewhere as well. He has a bent towards early WH40K and White Dwarf. I find anything which champions the history of UK gaming always leaves me with a bitter taste, since for me Games Workshop UK (my main source of games) managed to effectively kill off RPG and boardgame imports after a golden period of stocking international everything. He nails the 1980s art and advertising very well. :)

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