Friday, 30 March 2012

Impaling my eyes today: Cthulhu by Gaslight (3e), Steam Craft, Palladium Fantasy GM Kit and Friday Freebie

Can't process information ... too many visuals ... not enough money .... or time ... but want ...

Cthulhu by Gaslight
  3rd Edition

"Good God Holmes, it's a
Ts' ... ... Pth...
...some sort of monster"

EDIT 3.4.12
I've now seen a review copy of
Cthulhu by Gaslight.  The
PDF file has serious display issues!
This is a real shame, and I'm appealing to
Chaosium to fix the problem.
The actual text looks great, but missing
illustrations and missing parts of
player's hand-outs mean that this product
is currently "broken" and not worth
the $20+   

 (You have been warned.)
EDIT: 5.4.12
Chaosiun have now fixed the display issues!
This product sparkles  pretty line art,
and now also includes a large "pull-out"
map of London (jpg file) along with a
separate Victoriana-styled character sheet
for printing. 5/5 stars!
Something big and steampunky
this way cometh...
(Full RPG %r ules)

Palladium Fantasy GM's Kit
- for GMs!

Okay, I'm less sure about this
one - mainly tables, character
sheets, NPCs, some old maps
and posters - but it's currently
very popular on the Small Publisher
lists on DriveThru. ($5)

Friday Freebie Product on DriveThruRPG

If it's still Friday 30th March 2012*
and you are strange enough
to want to download
this (sock-based RPG)
product for FREE:
click here

*Edit 31.3.12:
Apparently the offer is good for the
whole weekend.
Yay for sock kind!

Product Description on DTRPG:

Adventures in the Land of Skcos

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