Thursday, 15 March 2012

20% off RPGs on Lulu in March (random list of titles on Lulu)

EDIT: New links being added from comments below - please feel free to suggest interesting RPG titles you may have seen on Lulu in a comment below.

I know it's halfway through the month already, but the code is still good for a while.
Books & eBooks from 20% off- Enter code
MARBOOKS12 - Save up to $25

I haven't tried this one myself yet - sometimes the codes I get are for US customers, but it still might be worth a try if you're from elsewhere, EDIT: Tested and it works for me as a UK customer. :)

Here follows a selection of role-playing game rulebooks and retro-clones on Lulu:
- OSRIC 2.2 - (AD&D retro-clone)
- Basic Fantasy RPG -
- Epees & Sorcellerie
- Swords & Wizardry WhiteBox
- Strands of Power
- Tombs and Terrors
- Ruins & Ronin (S&W Wb)
- Starships and Spacemen
- Mutant Future
- Spellcraft & Swordplay

EDIT: recommendations from others and games which I like and have just remembered!

- Labyrinth Lord
- Tales of the Space Princess RPG
- Metamorphosis Alpha (James M Ward - reprint of '70's1st edition)
- Encounter Critical (spoof retro? sci-fi RPG)
-The Mutant Epoch RPG

- Tunnels et Trolls (French 8th Edition)
- Spirit of the Century (FATE) 
(in expensive hardback only?)

Feel free to comment with any RPG favourites sold through Lulu which I should be drawing people's attention to. :)

Thanks for browsing!



  1. Might I suggest Jim Ward's Metamorphosis Alpha - First edition, now available as a reprint with errata and other goodies from the original author?

    Also, Labyrinth Lord is always a good recommendation!

  2. Thanks for the code. Just going to mention John Stater's Tales of the Space Princess. Pulpy, dungeon crawl in space, have browsed the PDF and it could be fun. I just bought it because of that lovely Allen Anderson cover.

  3. [cough] encounter critical [/cough]

  4. All excellent suggestions! I will add the links above.
    How could I have forgotten Labyrinth Lord?!
    Oops, *accidentally* just bought Tales of the Space Princess and M-Alpha - which for the price is tiny (35 pages?!) but I'm a sucker for these first edition facsimiles. :)
    Checking out Encounter Critical now. :D
    ... Also bought the French T&T rule book - I know, I know ...