Friday, 16 September 2011

Speaky Geekery, Lulu and HB10 RPGNow!

Woah. A week or so can fly fast. Quick cast *Slow* - No! No! That's a *Haste* spell! :o


Speak With Your Geek Out

This week was Speak With Your Geek Out Week, which I think is a conspiracy to remould the internet back to a time when people didn't use it for other horrible norm things, like chatting, sharing family photos, actual news and health advice; when talking about programming, games, sci-fi TV, overdue thesis (and perhaps just a little porn) was all the internet actually was (apart from the top secret DARPA stuff, which let's face it must have been filled with mysterious tech-specs and was therefore, by definition, geeky) - Okay generalising again. :) I'm still very confused about the whole geek-nerd thing - but social acceptability and the validation of occupation (professional and hobby) is still big brain work for me on daily basis. But apparently at this age my unresolved adolescent anxieties are actually just the usual rumblings of a midlife crisis (although I don't remember a confident adulthood, so to speak - it might be a British thing, a cynical suspicion or guilt of  being in a "team" and general "fun"). Anyhow, admitting to your peculiar, more geeky hobbies or at least finding a similar social niche online is what the net, for many, is actually about. I guess it's not so much an "outing" of geeks online (who are already there, blogging, Plus-ing and Liking) but a celebration of the wonders of secular obsession. There. I think I've talked myself around.

You're walking along in the desert, leaving GenCon behind you. You see an overweight Furry in full costume on his back, belly baking in the hot sand, trying to turn itself over, but it can't. Not without your help. But you're not helping...


Here's our chance to "Take a stance against baiting nerd rage and stereotypes of geeks." :)  Ah, but much like the abusing the Popular People's Front of Judea ("Splitters!")  I think I'm very guilty of the baiting nerd rage, as it helps define and defend my little fortified corners.  Divide and conquer? Nah. Specialise, divide and divide again!  Experts hate company (but that's nerdism, right?).  Does not a universal love of geeks only re-inforce the walls of the ghetto?  I'm not sure where I was going with this.   Maybe Speak with Your Geek Out is about sharing, networking, grouping and perhaps just a tiny amount of shopping and selling, which I approve of in general, so it's all good.  So share your geekery with the world!  Get your Geek Out! (It's a sort of rude joke, right?) :)
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Happy Birthday RPGNow!

RPGNow is celebrating ten years of success this month and we wanted to take a look back at the most popular titles from each year going back to the beginning!

Check out the most popular titles on RPGNow, still for sale, from each of the ten years.

Another post will follow very shortly ...

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