Saturday, 3 September 2011

Okumarts: Free Cut-out Figures

Iconic -slightly Japanese- orange hobgoblin and primitive hyena gnoll.
With added attitude.  Drool optional.

Free Download on DriveThru
It seems I was a little over eager in celebrating the the artistic genius of David Okum's boar headed old-style orc figures when he's now giving a new set away for free!
(we likes free, frees the bestest price)

If you don't mind having "repeats" in your printed figures you could pretty much populate a whole low level D&D dungeon with the classic representations of a hobgoblin, gnoll, orc, bugbear and a little guy who could probably double as either a goblin or kobold.  The five stout adventures also included are a magic-user, elven archer, axe wielding dwarf, a monkish cleric and a properly armoured fighter.*

The figures are double-sided.  Trimming requires a careful hand but the black border allows for touching-up where edges don't exactly meet.

* Definitive Plate Mail AC3 with Shield (+1)
Equipment includes pouches and burning torch
Moustache compulsory until reaching "name" level
whereupon a stronghold is built with shaving facilities.
(I really like this guy)

Incidentally these figures can be adapted for use with my Inked Adventures bases for minis -inspired for use with figures designed by artists on the Cardboard Warriors Forum. I find this very exciting because I'm a big fan of illustrated dungeon scenery and figures, and my future games will have to employ the Darkfast Classic Fantasy range.

Five stars and all that.  Even if your not into printed minis download it just to appreciate the art.  Congratulations and thank you again to Okumarts.


  1. Oh yeah, free is mui bueno! Thanks!

  2. Ace. Sometimes I can barely bring myself to pay over $5 for PDFs, so the free ones are like mana from heaven, especially when it's something I turn into a physical gaming prop.
    (Thanks for commenting - it's not always clear if anyone is reading this stuff - I certainly don't trust the page counts!) :D

  3. VERY nice! Really loving this line and need to start picking up as MANY AS POSSIBLE. I love paper minis!

  4. Paper minis are cool. :)
    Have printer, will muster.