Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mmm ... Dice...

Chatting about dice.  It's at the core of gaming.  Lovely, shiny, almost edible dice.  Poly dice ... oh yeah, baby!  Is it a fetish?  Isn't a fetish really just a type of dedicated love-niche?  I mean I love women.  I like some in high heels - but I don't want them to actually walk across me.  Okay I don't exactly go to bed with dice but, no wait... this is getting weird.  I mean I hardly know you.

High heels being used for storing dice in.  How does that make you feel?  (As a talking point probably beats the hell out of one my dice mugs)

The editions of games may change but at least you get keep bringing the same dice to the table

I was intrigued the other day to read that some players like to punish their dice for being bad.

Noisms in a post on Monsters and Manuals said that out of a "f*ckload of d6's" those "... that score 1, 2 or 3 have to go back to the dice bag and think about what they've done. When they've had some time to reconsider their positions they can come back into play."  In the comments he also referred to "a teenage friend who used to put his d20s in the freezer if they'd performed badly"  An anonymous comment which made me laugh (and slightly disturbed me) was about a chastised d20: "It was yellow, translucent, and evil. It rolled 20s only in practice, the rest of the time (i.e., when it mattered) it was a 1 rolling machine. I threw that bitch deep into the woods after it vexed me one last time with (you guessed it) a 1."  Banishment! :o

I mean those sorts of relationships don't just happen over night, and I'm just highlight the cruelty side of our loyalty-fickle random enumerators. :)  Not to mention the don't-touch-my-dice-or-you'll-destroy-my-luck obsessives.  I'm sure Knights of the Dinner Table and Dork Tower must have plenty of material on that. :)

Oops, I really just meant to post about some dice shopping.  Apart from some dice sets bought from Forbidden Planet in Nottingham, my most recent polyhedrals purchases were from the cheap and cheerfully priced Big Cherry on Amazon.  I bought two sets of black dice to offset a pack of white polys I already owned ( Big Cherry Poly Dice Set, Black, 7 Polyhedron Dice ).  Of late, my dice collection has looked a bit like a bag of Skittles mixed with a whole load of boiled sweets (gems), so black and white opaque dice feel like a "mature" purchase. ;)  I like them, but pondered upon the D% double-unit tens die - I don't remember owning one in the past, tens and single units were differentiated by colour (ah, yes, these are all black, I get it ...).  Then I remembered those strange the d20's with the 0-9 twice.  Well, they rolled better, I suppose.  I'm also surprised at myself how I'm going off translucent gem dice and maybe one day I'll invest in some of those metallic coated ones.  I used to crave matching sets of gem dice.

Ah, our clacking tactile friends.  Roll, my pretties roll!

Anyhow, here's a little slideshow of some other dice on Amazon via a widget which I decided was far too distracting to put into my blog margin.

Got any dice-punishing stories?  This perverted priest will listen to your confessions.  :D


  1. My best friend/gaming rival used to bash any dice dolling a 1, once on the table and put them back in the dice box for the rest of the game (he had a lot of dice) Because if he didn't, they "wouldn't learn." It seemed to actually work so well that I eventually started "training" my own dice with good results. True story.

  2. My wargaming group has a few don't-touch-my-dice-or-you'll-destroy-my-luck obsessives. I get a kick out of waiting till they're not looking, then handling all their dice to curse them with my bad luck, which entails rolling low. Of course, that doesn't help in games where low rolls are desireable :)

  3. @Spacejacker - *grin* It's funny how virus-like some rituals can be - especially when we'll do anything to get a bit more luck on our side. :)

    @Desert Scribe - :o You're very very naughty person!
    I salute you.

    Thanks for the comments. :)