Saturday, 20 August 2011

Iron Dynasty Way of the Ronin Competition and Cthulhu Sale
Sharpen those katanas! 
Competition to win 

I have a couple of download codes to give away for FREE PDF copies of  Iron Dynasty: Way of the Ronin
-Oriental sourcebook requiring Savage World core rules-

All you have to do is post three pieces of information about this tome based on the product description on RPGDriveThru.

The first two people to comment on this post with the info will be sent the download codes.   

Competition and download codes are valid until September 20th 2011.  
(Courtesy of the Onebookshelf Blog and Podcast program)

Other news:

There's a
Cthulhu Sale

at RPGDriveThru
to celebrate the birthday of the very odd Mr. HPL

Get those tentacles cheap!

6 days-ish left (the world ends approximately 25th August 2011)


  1. Way of the Ronin features nine provinces, each with a unique personality.

    Onmyoji follow the path of magic, manipulating elemental forces.

    Gansho follow the path of the machine by crafting new gear.

    For GMs, Iron Dynasty feature Adventure and Creature Generators.

  2. We have a winner!
    Sycarion is truly a follower of the Bushido code. :)
    I'll send the download code to the email in your profile.
    (Cool website, btw)

    Thanks for posting. :)

    One more person can win a free download.

  3. 1. The Known World is comprised of nine provinces
    2. Seven Campaign Frameworks with accompanying Story Arcs enable you to get a game going right away
    3. There are eighty New Edges enable you to design the Hero you wish to play

  4. Excellent! We now have our second and final winner!

    Alex can you email me at billiambabble (at) yahoo . co . uk so that I can send you your download code?

    Competition is now closed. :) Thanks for reading.