Friday, 14 January 2011

Kobold Warband (One Monk Miniatures)

Kobold Warband (One Monk Miniatures)

No longer available on DrivethruRPG, but can now found for FREE at

About a year ago I realised that I had very few kobold figures, and that if I was ever to play low level D&D (or similar) again that I would never have enough figures to match the "numbers appearing" required for a decent double-rowed kobold warband. To cut a long story short I procured a handful of metal kobold figures from ebay but would still need to paint them.

This pack of cut-out kobold solves my problem very nicely (and they - at time of review -are FREE!). And I can print as many as I want. 30 (10 kobold designs x3) should do very nicely.

The colours and lines are clean and sharp. These kobolds have attitude! There's plenty of variety. The style is also wonderfully evocative of old Warhammer illustrations - Chalk/Dever et al.

Heartily recommended to all DMs. Bb 29/05/2010

5/5 stars.

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