Monday, 4 May 2015

Bring a little OSR into your Star Wars Day

For Star Wars (I have a lisp) Day, I couldn't resist a special offer over at Tenkar's Tavern for a copy of White Star - a scifi game which builds on the simplicity of Swords&Wizardry's WhiteBox rules (OD&D simulcrum).  Naturally the Star Knights aren't actually called "Jedi". But we know. ;)  It could be just the terminology, but so far it reminds me a bit of Tales of the Space Princess.  These games go to the heart of cinematic soap opera, conjuring images of swashbuckling Flash Gordon right through to the battered technology in  Star Wars.

May The Way/Force/Psionics Be With You!

Get White Star at a reduced rate:

If code has expired the White Star PDF is here on DTRPG:

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