Monday, 26 May 2014

Preordered the DnD Starter Box -Wizards need my money- It can't hurt too much surely? I don't have to buy the rulebooks as well?

Very quick post (from an iPad which seems allergic to Blogger). The collector and gamer in me has given into the hype and pre-ordered a copy of the new D&D starter box. I'm pretending to myself that I won't buy the rulebooks either.

Description, citations and confused thoughts on the new releases from Wizards' in this Tumblr post here.


  1. I'm probably going to pick it up myself at some point ...though I have to admit that it's a little annoying (at least for me) to see that it's currently £15.22 on Amazon UK and only $12.65 (roughly £7.50) on Amazon US (though I guess we should be used to stuff like that by now :) ).

  2. I'm sure I'll pick it up, mostly because I'm a crazy collector and have to have every edition since I started playing, but also, if I want to get with a new playing group, I'd better be at least familiar with the rules people could be using.
    I'm not expecting anything, not going to compare it as better or worse than older editions...yet. I didn't care for 4 at all until recently, now I do like it for what it is, though it doesn't really feel like the D&D I like. Hoping for something to get me excited about it, but not setting any exoectations aside from there being some dungeons, and maybe dragons too.