Sunday, 7 July 2013

Red Box D&D 4e

Man, the 4e D&D red box is a lot deeper than it’s 80’s predecessor.
I gave in and bought this, partly because (a) I’m finding the 4e rule books hard to follow - unreadable, even? (b) I like boxed games (c) it's cheap on Amazon (d) I like “starter" sets, and (e) it’s a brand new unblemished thing which looks like my old red box. 
It’s like running off with a glamorous but hard to follow younger version of your current or ex-wife. She looks deep, but in fact, she’s actually a little shallow, but you forgive her because she is new and shiny… 
I also feel a little ashamed. I mean, how will I break the news to my AD&D manuals? (I’m keeping it in the bedroom, for christsake.)


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Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game: An Essential D&d Starter (4th Edition D&d)

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