Saturday, 8 December 2012

Baldur's Gate on iPad -"My house is as clean as an elven arse"

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition on iPad $9.99
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I’ve downloaded BG for iPad.

Yet again I have bought Baldur’s Gate.

Yet again I will almost certainly never finish it.

But it’s worth it ...for the acting. ;)

I have not yet left Candlekeep. Doing errands, basic shopping. I settled for a human ranger called “Fayril Baneslew” which seemed liked a good idea until I imagined Dungeon Bastard shouting it in my face as though I was a homosexual gnome with a proficiency in origami.  Baneslew will come through for me, I'm sure.

I cannot comment upon how "enhanced" it is as I haven't explored the extras.  The movies are different - a sort of well illustrated moving graphic novel in Flash (if you know what I mean - like Thief 2? my references date quickly), but so far it feels very similar to the game I hunched over night after night on the PC.  At least with the iPad I can sometimes lie down.  The text at times is tiny - Curse you retina-someting-something-HD definition! Hopefully it's soon to be released on Android as well.

At least this time around I have copies of 2nd edition AD&D (I mainly cut my teeth on AD&D 1e and bought AD&D2 more recently) so when I’m being decimated by denizens of Faerun I can look them up in the Monstrous Manual.

Racial Enemy: Gnoll.

Oh, to be able to add Gibberlings, Xvarts and Kobolds as well!

Oh God, this and Final Fantasy III on iPad…

I can barely afford to charge my iPad as it is.

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