Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fabled Lands 6 Lords of the Rising Sun

Maybe this book is ever so
slightly "Eastern" ;)
I'm hoping to receive my copy from Amazon in the post tomorrow of  Fabled Lands : Lords of the Rising Sun - the awaited sixth book of the sandbox style solo gamebook RPG by Dave Morris and Jamie Thompson.

It's possible to start with any book in the series with an appropriately leveled-up character (in terms of dice based challenges, like combat and ability checks the books are progressively more difficult).  However, you do so at the risk of walking into situations without the special artefacts or secret knowledge provided in the previous books, but if you weren't foolhardy, you wouldn't be an "adventurer", right? 

Each book is linked to part of the world map - crossing borders or seas may take you back into one of the other books in the series.  With six books, the map area is getting pretty large.  As a reader-player you will feel as though you are "exploring" a three dimensional world - akin to modern computer games like Oblivion and Skyrim. each book is like a new map and quest expansion pack.

Assorted tantalising illustrations...

(borrowed from Amazon - Copyrights reserved by Dave Morris, Russ Nicholson et al)

Author's blog post:  Fabled Lands Book 6 is back in print

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  1. Replies
    1. Most excellent! I have official approval to fawn! :D
      - Still waiting ... curse my habit of selecting budget delivery options...

  2. Hmm. With Amazon's own POD service printing the book, I'd have expected it to be delivered pretty promptly. Hope you get it soon.

    1. It has arrived ! The pages are a shiny white! It looks great. :) Congratulations upon another super cool publication.

  3. Certainly a lot faster than Lulu. Interesting. *ponders*