Saturday, 30 April 2011


FEAR of Tentacles!
My therapist told me not to worry about the slithering, tapping and smothering in my nightmares. A fear of tentacles was only natural for a person like myself. After all, he explained, humans for not ready for the truth, not worthy of the dark wisdom, not ready for the future, the beautiful catastrophes. As usual, he told me to leave an offering and blow out the candles on the way out. When I got home, amidst the shadows, I feverishly searched for the sources of my recent dreams:

YOU Have Tentacles!
The Big Hoodoo (PDF)
- 1950s Cthullu-paranoid escapades in the by Pegrane Press for the Trail of Cthullu (in-house system) - it appears fairly adaptable to older systems. A great setting, clever twists.

The Mutant Epoch (PDF Also available in book form on Lulu)
- Post apocalyptic goodness! So many mutations, so much hardware, lots of lovely tables. A fast paced old-style RPG written and lusciously monochromicly illustrated by William McAusland of Outland Arts.  I'll definitely be writing more on this soon.

There's a CGI Tentacle.
Monsters (DVD)
- It's a type of road movie with improvised acting and the occasional glimpse of "the creatures". Enjoy the amazing natural scenery, enjoy all of the "Danger" road signs, but don't expect too much in way or explanation of closure. ;)


They're in there, in my dreams, in the fated future. 

I can't stay awake forever
... can I?

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